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                      Jul 22, 2022
                      A Cameroonian student's visit to Xinjiang  VIDEO
                      Joseph Olivier Mendo'o, a Cameroonian student learning at Peking University, has traveled to many places across China, including the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. What does Xinjiang look like in his eyes? Click the video to check out.
                      Jul 20, 2022
                      China's changes in the eyes of a Cameroonian student  VIDEO
                      Joseph Olivier Mendo'o, a Cameroon student at Peking University, has spent six years in China, during which he has witnessed many changes that have taken place in the country. What changes have impressed him the most? Click the video to see his response.
                      Jul 18, 2022
                      A vision of empowerment  VIDEO
                      The cafe HINICHIJOU is also known as the Bear Paw Cafe as it features a hole in a wall through which a barista wearing a furry bear paw serves coffee to customers. HINICHIJOU opened a new store at Times Square in Shanghai on July 16.
                      Jul 14, 2022
                      Swab and scan: Robot in action  VIDEO
                      A team at Shanghai University has developed robot that needs just 22 seconds to obtain a pharyngeal swab nucleic acid sample. The robot can also scan barcodes on test tubes and carry out host of other procedures required during the testing process.
                      By  MA ZHENHUAN in Hangzhou   Jul 07, 2022
                      Join foreigners on tour of Liangzhu ruins  VIDEO
                      The third episode of a Hangzhou cultural video series — The Light of Civilization at Liangzhu — was released recently to unveil the mysteries of the Archaeological Ruins of Liangzhu from the perspective of foreigners. It was produced by the Hangzhou municipal publicity department,
                      By  ZHANG YI   Jul 06, 2022
                      Xinjiang students enjoying after-school activities  VIDEO
                      A middle school in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region offers various after-school courses for students.
                      Jul 06, 2022
                      Teacher-turned-livestreamer to help farmers  VIDEO
                      A young English teacher from China skyrocketed to internet fame almost overnight, also driving up the stock market shares of an education giant. What are his future plans? China Daily interviewed Michael Dong Yuhui, one of China's most-listened live-streamers, to find out.
                      Jul 06, 2022
                      Stinky rice noodle fills stomachs and wallets  VIDEO
                      It smells really bad, but it tastes really good. It is luosifen, a stinky and spicy rice noodle, originating from Liuzhou in Southwest China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.
                      Jul 05, 2022
                      How UK university's reports spread Western propaganda on Xinjiang  VIDEO
                      The series of Xinjiang reports, produced by the Helena Kennedy Centre of Sheffield Hallam University, are some of the latest in shoddy researches funded by the US government to fabricate false claims, Watch this video to see China Daily's investigations.
                      By  ZHANG YI   Jul 05, 2022
                      Rare horse a big draw in Urumqi  VIDEO
                      Millions of visitors have visited China's largest center for the Akhal-Teke, a rare breed of horse from Turkmenistan, since it opened in downtown Urumqi, capital of the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.
                      Jul 05, 2022
                      Potside Chats: Democracy in China  VIDEO
                      Is it true that "China doesn't have democracy"? How do expats living in China view the Chinese political system compared with its Western counterparts? Watch to see what three expats in China have to say!
                      Jul 04, 2022
                      Foundation leader gives speech at UN Human Rights Council  VIDEO
                      Zhang Yinjun, chairwoman of Beijing Changier Education Foundation, emphasized the importance of protecting the bottom line of children's human rights in a video speech at the 50th Session of the UN Human Rights Council.
                      Jul 04, 2022
                      An Open City: Working Miracles, Embracing Future  VIDEO
                      On the front page of Jiefang Daily on July 11, 2018, there were two pieces of news: one, Tesla's first overseas Gigafactory settled in Shanghai; the other, Shanghai announced 100 action plans to expand its opening-up.
                      Jul 04, 2022
                      Science Talk: New tool against mosquito-borne diseases  VIDEO
                      Chinese scientists have discovered a new way to curb the spread of mosquito-borne diseases: by taking a vitamin A derivative. How does it work? Will it work on humans? What does this discovery mean in our battle against one of the biggest global public health challenges? Check out this episode of Science Talk to find out.
                      By  Li Hongyang   Jul 03, 2022
                      Sinkhole springs subterranean surprise  VIDEO
                      Explorers and researchers are investigating a recently discovered sinkhole in South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region to assess the flora and fauna preserved inside the massive pit.
                      Jul 03, 2022
                      Diving deep with Chinese sturgeon  VIDEO
                      "It never occurred to me that there would be such big fish in the world." The first time he saw a Chinese sturgeon, Zheng Yueping was blown away by the three-meter-long fish weighing 300-350 kilograms.
                      Jul 02, 2022
                      Judge learns Shanghai dialect to help seniors  VIDEO
                      "Ma'am, the trial will start at 9 a.m. tomorrow. Please don't forget to bring your ID card and lawsuit materials," judge Bai Yun keeps reminding the litigants of court rules on the phone.
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